The beginnings

Two years ago Mandrill began as a skunkworks project at The Rocket Science Group. Chad wrote about the risky decision to build a separate team and a new product. Sensible people would just tack on some new APIs or bolt some seemingly-new features on to an existing product instead of conceiving a new team or platform. Sensible people would set small, attainable goals instead of ones that start with being the best and most widely-used Email As a Service product. Fortunately, we’re not sensible people.

Two years in

In just two years, Mandrill grew from a skunkworks project to a product that outperforms similar services and beats the competition in a feature by feature comparison. Today marks a milestone in Mandrill’s growth as we sign up our 250,000th active user, making Mandrill the largest EAAS platform by a fairly wide margin. Mandrill’s active user count isn’t just ahead of our competitors; our user growth rate consistently outpaces competitors, pushing Mandrill further ahead of the pack. According to data from Datanyze, Mandrill is the fastest growing EAAS platform since February 2013.

Not bad for two years.

You might think most of those 250,000 users come from MailChimp's 6 million users. We thought the same thing! When Mandrill started, we expected a lot of crossover. Turns out the audiences are completely different, and we had to re-think our entire approach. Mandrill’s a team that likes challenges though: this one just meant Mandrill had to earn these users on our own.

Ultimately, our users are this milestone, and we're grateful for each of you who have joined us, whether you joined when Mandrill was in beta, signed up today, or somewhere in between. If you used Mandrill in the last two years, thank you. If you gave us a high five, reported a bug, offered your feedback, or shared your business or idea with us to figure out how Mandrill could fit in to your vision, thank you. Thank you for letting us earn you as a user. We know that’s just the first step, and we’ll also need to continue to earn your support and trust.

While this growth is exciting, we’re far from claiming success. We know there are more features, more improvements that we can build to improve our service offerings. We accomplished a whole lot in two years, but we’re buckling down (and hiring) so we’re ready for what the next two years mean for Mandrill and our customers.