Custom Return Path Domains and SMS Alerts

We have a few refinements for you this week. Custom Return Path Domains whitelabel your emails more completely, SMS Alerts add a new option to help you keep an eye on important changes to your account, and Alert Logging provides a snapshot of triggered alerts for your account.

Custom Return Path Domains

The Return-Path address for your emails is where things like bounces and other delivery events are sent. It's also known as the "envelope-from" or MAIL FROM address. (For Gmail users, the mailed-by header typically is generated from this address). Until now, this address was a subdomain of, but we now allow you to use a custom domain instead, to more completely whitelabel the emails you're sending. All you need to do is use a CNAME for a subdomain you control and point it to

Because a custom return path domain is just a CNAME to, existing tracking domains can be used as return path domains. We recommend setting up a distinct return path domain in order to make it clear that it's a domain that sends mail. More information on custom return-path domains.

SMS Alerts

Notifications are a crucial part of monitoring an API-driven service like Mandrill. Email isn't always the most effective (or desireable) way to receive critical or time-sensitive alerts. We've added support for SMS delivery for any of the alerts configured for your account. SMS delivery works in the US, Canada, and the UK. Other regions will be added in future releases.

Alert Logging

Starting now, we'll keep a log of alerts we've sent for your account (and where they were sent) and show it in a simple table. Issues can cascade, and seeing everything together can help you discover the real scope of a problem. Alert logging gives you context to see the bigger picture.