Weekly Release Notes: Export API and Spam Filter Tests

Happy birthday, Mandrill! After devouring perfect bananas for the past week, we have some new features to share.

Bulk data export

It's pretty easy to amass a ton of data in your Mandrill account. Users have been asking about the best way to get that data back out, and so this week we created a set of tools to make it easier to export your activity, rejection blacklist, and whitelist.

Most of our search features, both in the application and the API, are limited in the size of the result set that they'll return. These limits were a conscious design choice we made early on to avoid running potentially unbounded operations during web requests. For sending, that's pretty easy - we queue large batches and run them in the background. This keeps the API responsive even under heavy load. But exports are a little trickier, since the whole point of exporting data is to actually give you access to that data.

To make exports safe and stable, we built them a bit differently. Instead of returning results immediately, exports queue up a background job to generate an archive of your data. Internally, we manage a queue of export jobs, to make sure that everyone's export jobs get scheduled fairly. When your job finishes, we send you an email with a link where you can download your data. And for jobs submitted via the API, you can also check the status and retrieve the results URL via a separate API call.

Check your templates against spam filters

If someone asks you to send them email, whether it's an order invoice or a newsletter, they want it to be delivered to their inbox. But spam filters are complicated, change all the time, and it seems like every receiving ISP uses their own special algorithms with their own quirks. To help you manage this, we've integrated with Litmus to offer spam filter testing in Mandrill. You can now test any template against 10 spam filters for just $1 per test. Just go to the template you want to test, select Spam Filter Test from the Preview and Test drop down, and you're on your way.