Manage Dedicated IPs via the API and Trigger Rules by API Key

We're still working away on a number of backend projects, but we've made a few improvements to the app this week. We've added an entire suite of API calls for managing dedicated IPs, and you can now use API keys as a condition for rules.

Manage Dedicated IPs via the API

We've added extensive API support for managing dedicated IPs. You can now list, provision, and remove dedicated IPs directly via the API. You can also move IPs between pools and enable or disable warmup mode. Finally, you can list, create, and destroy IP pools.

The new API calls are all located in a new ips namespace. You can use them to integrate dedicated IP management directly in to your application.

Filter Rules by API Key

You can now trigger rules based on the API key used to send a message. This allows you to enforce fine-grained permissions based on API keys (for example, you can restrict a key to only be able to send from a specific domain), and provides one more way to customize the behavior of your application without having to touch the code.