Deferrals, Neighborhood Comparison and a Revised Account Section

We have a combination of new features and polishing for you this week. Deferrals give you detailed information to help troubleshoot specific addresses that are having trouble receiving mail, neighborhood comparisons show you how your sending stats compare to the rest of Mandrill users and the revised Account section makes it easier to get a quick overview of your account.


We do everything we can to deliver messages within seconds, but sometimes we run into roadblocks. The recipient's account might be over quota (even in the days of multi-gigabyte quotas, that still happens!), or the receiving server might be experiencing some other general problem. In cases like this, there's nothing we can do to make the message send more quickly, so we queue it and retry automatically. To keep you informed of delays like this, we've added a new deferred state for messages so you can see exactly why the delays occurred.

The details of the delay, including the timestamp and the error message that caused it, are available in your activity log and in the messages/search and messages/info API calls. We've also added a new deferral event for webhooks so you can integrate this data into your applications, and we've added deferral support to the rules engine as well.

Neighborhood Comparison

Recently, we've added some features, like reputation history and tips for improving reputation, to help you identify and correct issues that may be affecting your account's reputation. But one thing that kept coming up is that you'd like to know how you compare to other Mandrill users, especially when it comes to bounce and spam complaint rates. So we added neighborhood comparisons. Neighborhood comparisons allow you to see how your delivery, bounce and spam rates compare to the rest of Mandrill's users. You can find the neighborhood comparison on the newly refreshed Account Details page and here are a couple of examples:

Revised Account Section

We've added a lot of new features to Mandrill over the last few months and the Account Details page was starting to get kinda full. Adding neighborhood comparisons finally tipped the scale and we decided that the Account section needed a bit of a revamp. We made the Account Details page an overview of the important parts of your account, like your account balance, what add ons you have and your sending and reputation stats and moved the detailed management of those items to their own pages. So now you can get a quick overview of your account and just deal with the details as needed.