Recipient Demographics and Template Live Preview

We've been focused on backend projects this week, but we still have a couple new features for you. Template live preview lets you see exactly what your template will look like while you code it, and recipient demographics give you aggregate stats on your recipients' operating systems, email clients, and locations.

Recipient Demographics

We've taken our existing geolocation and user agent data and made it more accessible by adding a simple aggregate demographics report. You can see if your recipients are nerdy lovers of Linux, or maybe most of your opens are coming from mobile devices - reminding you that you need to make your template responsive. You can also filter this aggregate data by tag and by date.

Template Live Preview

Our template editor's full-screen mode lets you focus on the HTML code of your template. But most of the time, you still needed to switch between the editor and the preview to see how your template is being rendered. We've now eliminated that distraction by adding a live, as-you-type preview to our template editor when it's in full-screen mode.

If you're one of the web ninjas that only writes valid HTML (or maybe you have a smaller screen), you can disable the preview with the click of a button and restore the old interface.