Expanded attachment support

Mandrill generally operates on a continuous deployment model, meaning that as new features and bug fixes are complete (and tested by man and machine) we can deploy them to you. We deploy in small batches, continually monitoring changes and production load. Being able to quickly add features requested by users and fix bugs as we find them, instead of on a set development schedule, means that Mandrill can quickly adapt to be better and faster at sending your email. Lots of users have been excited for expanded attachment support, so we rolled out changes yesterday to include support for inline images and more attachment types.

Expanded Attachment Support

It's now possible to send any type of attachment through Mandrill, subject to overall message size limitations. Attachments will be processed through a series of sophisticated virus-scanning programs before delivering. As long as no viruses or malware are present, the attachment will be included in the final email relayed to your recipient(s). There's currently no option to skip virus-scanning; ensuring that malicious attachments aren't included helps to keep deliverability high for all Mandrill users and maintain the reputation of our sending servers.

Inline Images

As a bonus, you can now include inline images if you're sending via SMTP or the Mandrill API. If you're using Outlook, Thunderbird or another desktop email program that includes inline image attachments by default, they'll work without changing your settings in your email client. We also added support for the messages/send and messages/send-template API calls to include inline image attachments. For both, there's a new parameter, images for including inline image attachments. Check out the API documentation for more detail.