Filter by API key and manage sending domains via the API

This week we've been working on a host of backend projects, but we've still got a couple of nice improvements for you. We've added the ability to search and filter activity based on an API key and added API calls for managing your sending domains.

Activity filtering by API key

Starting now, we're auto-tagging your emails based on the API key used to send them. This allows you to filter by API key in the dashboard, activity view, demographics and other pages where you can filter based on system tags like sender and template. Showing the API key willy nilly around the app didn't seem like a very good idea so you'll notice that we're not listing the actual API keys in the filters, but using your API key description instead. If you'd like to filter by an API key, but it doesn't have a description yet, you can add one on the SMTP & API Credentials page inside the app and it'll show up in the filter.

Manage sending domains via the API

We've enhanced API support for managing sending domains with three new calls:

All three of these calls return the same SPF and DKIM validation information that we display on the Sending Domains page, making it easy to embed DNS validation in your own application to more easily manage various senders or users.