Friday Release Notes for March 15, 2013

A nice mix of big and tiny updates this week.

Mandrill in three more regions

As part of our ongoing efforts to make SMTP fast, we launched Mandrill SMTP and API servers in four separate locations around the globe. This week, we added three more. You'll now see Mandrill servers in Tokyo, Japan; Sydney, Australia; and São Paulo, Brazil. That means we're now available in every public AWS region currently available except for Northern California, and have servers on five continents. Not bad!

Customize tracking domains

Sure, we all know Mandrill's awesome and lets you do awesome things with your email, but sometimes you don't want to advertise to your recipients that Mandrill's sending your mail. To help with that, you can now set up a custom subdomain that will be used for all open and click tracking URLs instead of Once the tracking domains are set up in your account settings, you can specify the tracking domain to use globally for your account or specifically for each email by providing a tracking_domain option to your /messages/send API calls or by using an X-MC-TrackingDomain header in SMTP messages.

Customize SPF/DKIM signing domains

The other place in your emails where Mandrill tends to be visible is through the "via" or "on behalf of" messages that appear in Gmail and Outlook. If you send from just one or a few domains that you have control over, this is easy to remedy by setting up SPF and DKIM for your domain, but that's not an option when you are sending on behalf of your own users from their own domains. Now, Mandrill will let you specify a different domain to show up as the "on behalf of" domain.

All you need to do is set up SPF and DKIM for the domain you want. Like anything else, you can then set the signing domain globally for your account or for each email by providing a signing_domain option in /messages/send or by using an X-MC-SigningDomain header in SMTP messages.

Automatically convert from text to HTML

Mandrill has always had the ability to auto-generate a text part of your email if you give us the HTML. Now, Mandrill can go the other way, too, converting the text part you give us to HTML and sending it along with the message. This is useful if you're limited to plain-text by your sending system but still want open and click tracking. It's a pretty simple feature, but useful when you need it. You can turn it on for your account in your sending options or provide an auto_html parameter or X-MC-AutoHtml SMTP header when sending.

Make sending options changeable from <meta> tags

Sometimes you have access to change the content, but no access to change the SMTP headers used by your sending system. This is particularly common when using a Mandrill integration for your CRM or CMS systems. In those cases, it can be impossible to do things like set tags or templates for different messages. Now, Mandrill will scan the HTML for emails that are being sent and will read options provided in <meta> tags. Here's an example that will mark the email as a password reset and turn on auto-text generation:

<meta name="X-MC-Tags" content="password-reset">
<meta name="X-MC-AutoText" content="on">
<p>This email will be given the tag password-reset and have a text part automatically generated.</p>

The option value should be provided in the name attribute and the value in the content attribute. The names and values follow the same syntax and format as the SMTP header customization.