IP Access Logging and Account Activity Emails

This week we've added a couple of small features to help you keep track of what's happening in your account. You can now see a log of IP addresses that access your account and you can receive weekly and/or daily account activity emails.

IP Access Logging

IP logs are a great way to see where and how your account is being accessed. For security, you can see that strange IP in a foreign country that accessed your account. And then make sure if it wasn't one of your colleagues, block them from your system and/or limit your API keys. For debugging, you can confirm whether your servers connect to Mandrill at all. IP information has been available in your account's API Logs, but only for the last 100 calls - not very useful, especially for non-API access.

The new Account Security page in your Mandrill Account includes a list of the IP addresses that access your account, with the following details: geo data, first time accessed, last time accessed, and whether the IP was used to access your account through the API, SMTP, or the web interface. Since you can track trends by location as well as method, and because Mandrill lets you create API keys distinct from your account password, you can get a broad picture of whether you need to take action, and what actions to take.

Account activity emails

We've also added daily and weekly account activity emails so you can get an overview of what's been happening recently - without needing to log in every day. You'll receive details on how much you're sending, your account balance and other important delivery stats, like delivery rate, bounce rate, open and click rates. So you don't have to remember what happened the previous day or week, you'll also see an indicator with the percent change for your sending stats vs the previous week or day, so you can watch for unexpected changes.

The weekly activity email is enabled by default for all new users, but the daily email isn't. You can subscribe to that email and manage your email preferences on the Username and Contact Information page in your Mandrill account.