Learn the Mandrill API with Codecademy

Today we're excited to announce that we've partnered with our friends over at Codecademy to help new and seasoned developers learn to use the Mandrill API.

Mandrill Badge at Codecademy

Codecademy is an interactive, online learning platform to learn programming. You might recognize them as the brains behind Code Year. The team at Codecademy recently launched a series of courses on a topic near and dear to the Mandrill team: using APIs. If you've never worked with an API before, the Codecademy team will take you through a series of lessons about APIs generally so you can get your bearings and then you'll dive right in to working with an API.

The first series of lessons for Mandrill introduce you to the official Mandrill API client for Javascript. After you get familiar and start working with the Mandrill API, move on to the real fun: sending and tracking your email. We've even included a section on working with merge tags for dynamic or personalized content, and some tips for tracking emails so you can get the most out of the emails for your business, app, or website.

Tracking emails with Mandrill

Without further ado: head over to Codecademy to get started with the Mandrill API.