Mandrill Redesign

If you've logged in to the app in the last week, you've probably noticed that we've given the Mandrill web interface a bit of a facelift. The new layout brings navigation changes, is responsive, has a slight visual refresh, gives the content section of the application more screen real estate, and sets up a better base for new features and updates coming in the next few months.

Navigation Changes

The most noticeable change is to the main navigation—it's now on the left side of each page with subnavigation at the top. Previously the sidebar was much wider, and depending on where you were in the app, contained account information. The context switching could be a little confusing and the width of the sidebar took up much needed horizontal space on information-dense pages like the Outbound Activity and Sending Domains pages. This new layout allows subnavigation to stay in a consistent place and provides more space for some of our most heavily used pages. For example, instead of having to toggle between the delivery and open/click charts on the Outbound Activity page, we can now show them side-by-side.

Clicking on the main navigation icons will take you to the primary page for that section, so clicking Outbound takes you to the Outbound Activity page and Account takes you to your Account Details. Subnavigation is also accessible on any page of the application by clicking the arrows next to the main navigation icons.

You can still log out of your account and toggle test mode on and off from the user drop-down in the top right of the page.

Responsive Layout

Mandrill has both Android and iOS apps that you can use to view account stats and activity, but we also have a fair percentage of users that access Mandrill from mobile devices and tablets (it's actually a higher percentage than our IE users). While you could zoom into the screen and swipe left and right to read an API call or view your activity or dashboard, it was definitely not ideal. For these users, and for users with smaller laptop screens, the application is now built on a responsive base. Everything from the navigation and charts, to tables and API logs are now much easier to use on smaller devices.

And this is just the start. One of the great things about being a small team with a rapid release cycle is that we don't have to wait to make improvements. We're listening to your feedback on the new design and we also have some great features and updates coming in the next few months. This new layout was created with those in mind and we're looking forward to getting some of those out to you soon.