Simpler (and reduced) pricing for everyone

UPDATE: As of 2015-07-15, Mandrill's pricing has changed. See our pricing page for current details.

Yesterday we changed Mandrill's pricing model. It's pretty significant and we think you'll be happy to see simplified and more cost-effective pricing for all senders. No more monthly plans. No more figuring out whether you want to keep a monthly plan even if you're sending less mail. Just consistent rock-solid features for all users, predictable pricing, and volume discounts built in (still no negotiation needed).

...And lower pricing for everyone.

But how much lower? Let's look at a few of examples of monthly sending:

25K Old Price: $ 9.95 New Price: $ 2.60

55K Old Price: $ 23.45 New Price: $ 8.60

250K Old Price: $ 171.45 New Price: $ 47.60

1m Old Price: $ 526.95 New Price: $ 197.60

7m Old Price: $ 1,745.95 New Price: $ 1,048.80

Fewer pricing tiers, 12K free for everyone

We added a couple more tiers a few weeks ago to address some of our higher volume senders and to offer more volume discounts. But lots of tiers introduces more complexity and figuring out how much you spend each month on email isn't exactly what you probably want to spending your time doing. Maybe you have someone who thinks that's fun. It's cool, they can still crunch the numbers, but it'll be a bit faster now and they should see that it's also a lot cheaper. That's fun. Instead of starting at $0.90 per thousand, pricing now starts at $0.20 per thousand in the first tier.

Every user will get 12,000 emails per month, gratis. No upgrading, downgrading, or turning in circles if your sending patterns change from month-to-month. If you send 11,000 emails this month, you won't pay a dime. If you send 50,000 next month, you'll only pay for 38,000 emails (the first 12,000 are still free).

New Simpler Mandrill Pricing