Resending Messages and More Rules Options

This week, we have a few small improvements to announce. You can now retry recently soft-bounced or delivered messages to help diagnose delivery problems, and rules options have been further expanded to allow multiple actions per rule and more sending and tracking options.

Message Resending

Most of the time, email works predictably. If the email address is valid and the message isn't spammy, it'll be delivered as expected; otherwise it'll bounce with an error message. Most of the time, resending messages is a waste of time - the result won't change. But sometimes messages fail when they shouldn't or don't deliver when they say they do. When that happens, you usually need to try resending the message to verify the problem, and then resend the message at least once more once the problem is fixed.

Instead of doing this manually, you can now ask Mandrill to resend these messages for you. As long as we have the content available, you can tell Mandrill to resend any message that is marked as soft bounced or delivered. We'll send a new, duplicated message that will be tracked and logged separately from the first one, so you can easily see whether or not resending the message helped.

Even More Rules Options

Following up from last week, we've added even more options to our rules engine. The new options let you change the open and click tracking, automatic text and HTML part generation, CSS inlining, content logging, and the dedicated IP pool used when sending the message.

Now that the rules engine has so many options, we've also added the ability to set an unlimited number of options for each rule. This makes it much easier to set a bunch of options for a single type of email all at once: like setting the subaccount and dedicated IP pool for a particular customer's sending address, for example.

With these additions, you can do nearly anything with the rules engine that you can do through custom SMTP headers or the API.