Scheduled Emails, Enhanced Stats Comparison, Geolocation for Opens and Clicks, and Search Tips

It's been a big week here at Mandrill. We hit 65,000 users and we've added a handful of powerful new features. Scheduled emails enable a number of sophisticated autoresponder-like behaviors, and stats comparisons now provide even more details about your activity. We've added some quick tips to make searching easier, and geolocation and email client info for opens and clicks are now available in the activity log.

Scheduled Email

Now, when you send an email through Mandrill, you can specify when it should be sent. We'll store the email and take care of sending it. We haven't invented time travel yet, so we can't send messages back in time, but we've got the future covered.

Scheduling an email is simple: using the API, just set the send_at parameter to indicate when the message should be sent. For SMTP, use the X-MC-SendAt header. We've also added API calls to search, reschedule, and cancel your scheduled emails.

Because of the additional storage required, an additional fee applies for using this feature. Scheduled emails cost $0.05 for every thousand emails scheduled, plus an additional $0.02 per thousand emails per day for storage. More details are available here.

Additional Stats Comparisons

Stat comparisons are a great way to check performance between different templates, tags or other criteria of your choosing. This week we've made our stat comparisons even more, well…comparable. We've kept all of the stats you're used to seeing for your groups and added charts to the top of the page so you can quickly see how your groups stack up against each other for individual stats (without the clutter of multiple variables in the charts). We have charts for the following stats: delivered, opens, clicks, unsubscribes, hard bounces and soft bounces.

Geolocation and Email Client Data in Activity History

Geolocation and email client data for opens and clicks are now available in your activity history and in results for the messages/search API call. We added this data to the webhook events a few weeks ago, but it wasn't available in the activity history until now. We're working on some other fun geo-related features, so stay tuned.

Search Tips

Mandrill utilizes Lucene queries in our Activity search. You can make some pretty powerful and complicated search queries against your activity, but in order to fully harness that power you need to know just what you can do. To help out with that we added some search tips to the activity screen. Just click the "Tips for using search" link under the search field and you'll get an overlay with tips and examples and a link off to our full search documentation. It will also stay in place so you can reference it while you're writing your query.