Timeseries Search API and More Demographics Reporting

This week we focused on improving and polishing existing features. The timeseries search API lets you get aggregate email stats based on a search query, demographics data is now searchable in the activity log, and geolocation reporting now includes states and provinces.

Timeseries Search API

The activity log interface lets you see an aggregated delivery and engagement timeline for all messages matching a search query. We're now making this information available to your applications through the API. This query gives you the same fidelity of statistics that our API provides about tags, but for arbitrary search queries. You can find more information about using this call in our API docs.

Expanded Geolocation Demographics

Based on your feedback, the demographics report we launched last week has been polished and expanded. You can now see all operating systems, email clients, and locations for your account instead of just the top 10. We've also added region breakdowns for the country locations so you can see opens and clicks by state, province, or territory within a country.

Searchable Demographics Activity

The geolocation and email client data in the activity log is now searchable through the web interface and using the API. This lets you search for emails opened from a particular country or province, or compare the click rate of Android users vs iPhone users. More information about these fields and how to search your activity log can be found in the knowledge base.