Subaccount-specific Blacklists and New Custom DNS API

We've made a few improvements to the app this week. We've separated the rejection blacklist for each subaccount, and we've added more API calls for managing custom DNS names for dedicated IPs.

Subaccount-specific Blacklists

Subaccounts are a great way for senders to protect their reputation when they send on behalf of many others. Mandrill will track each subaccount separately, with distinct reputations and quotas. We've now added a separate rejection blacklist for each subaccount. Any bounces, spam complaints, or unsubscribe requests Mandrill receives for an email will only by applied to the sending subaccount's blacklist. Other subaccounts will still be able to send to that recipient without issue.

The rejection API calls have also been modified to let you manage and export the blacklists for each subaccount separately.

Manage Custom Reverse DNS via the API

We've added two new API calls for managing dedicated IPs. ips/check-custom-dns lets you validate the DNS settings for a domain before you apply it, and ips/set-custom-dns will apply a new domain name to your dedicated IP. Changing the domain name associated with your dedicated IP takes 24 hours, and we'll automatically reenable the IP once the change is complete.