Tag Reputation and More Message APIs

Happy 4th of July to all our USian friends out there. We have another handful of features for you this week. Tag-specific reputation lets you break down your reputation by email type, reputation history helps you understand how your reputation changes over time, and we've expanded access to message data using the API.

Tag-specific Reputation

We've expanded the reputation system to calculate distinct reputations for each of your tags. This gives you much more detailed information about how your mail is performing, and can help pinpoint reputation issues that might be harming your overall deliverability. For example, a specific tag with a high complaint rate might not harm your account's reputation as a whole, but the complaints will definitely hurt your deliverability, especially as more and more ISPs use content and engagement to make filtering decisions. Reputation problems tend to go hand in hand with unhappy recipients, so if you can identify and fix up specific types of your mail that are causing problems, everyone will be better off.

Reputation History

To give you a quick overview of your account's history and to make it easier to identify when problems occurred, we've added a reputation history chart to the Account Details and Balance page.

This broad overview of your reputation makes it easy to identify gradual changes that might not otherwise stand out. And if your reputation changes quickly, the history can help determine when the change occurred, so you can identify what might have changed about your sending.

Get Messages by _id

All of Mandrill's sending APIs and webhook calls include a parameter called _id to uniquely identify each email. This is great for syncing and relating email data in your own database, but all that work can be overkill. Sometimes you just want to ask Mandrill about a specific email without setting up webhooks or databases. This week, we make that possible with the new /messages/info API call. Give it the _id of a recently sent message*, and it will return all the metadata Mandrill has about it - simple and sweet.

*available 30 days for delivered messages or 90 days for bounces

Open and Click Details in Messages API

Two weeks ago, we added geolocation and email client data for each open and click to our activity history. This week, we're expanding access to that data by including it as part of the results in our /messages/search and new /messages/info API calls.

You can access this data through the opens_detail and clicks_detail parameters on each message. Each of these parameters is an array of every open or click tracked for the message, and all the information Mandrill has about each event: including the clicked URL, the IP address, and the location and email client detected.