Template Labels and Contextual Help

This week is about making it easier to find the things you need. Template labels allow you to easily organize and find templates in the web interface and contextual help allows you to get relevant information where you need it.

Template Labels

If you're managing templates for several clients or just have a lot of your own, it can get a little cumbersome to find the one you're looking for using just the template name.

Now you can add labels to any of your templates and use those to filter your template list. You can add multiple labels to each template and we'll also autocomplete labels as you type to make it a bit easier to find the one you need.

Contextual Help

When you click the support link in the app we give you a search field to help you find help from our knowledge base. This works well when you know what to look for, but sometimes you need more guidance. Now when you click the support link, we'll show you a few of the most relevant articles for the page of the app that you're on.

If those articles aren't what you're looking for, you also have a quick way to get to articles on some of our most commonly asked questions. Of course, the search field is still there if you need it.