Template Screenshot Testing

We've been hard at work on some larger backend changes, but still have a highly requested feature for you this week.

Check your templates against multiple email clients

A while back we added a Litmus integration to offer spam filter testing for your email templates. This is great for helping deal with the quirks of ISP spam filters, but making sure your email looks right once it gets into the inbox can be just as important. Since testing emails in multiple clients and browsers can be insanely time consuming, we've expanded our Litmus integration to include email client testing. You can test any template against a combination of 30 clients/browsers for $3 per test.

When you're in the editor for the template you'd like to test, select Screenshot Test from the Preview and Test drop down and we'll send it off.

Once the screenshots have been processed, click through to the report and you can see how your template looks in a variety of clients, from Outlook 2000 (sigh) to Apple Mail to Android 4 (and a bunch of others). All of the client/browser combinations are listed in the left hand column and on the right you'll see 2 or 4 variations for each of those. For every client there is a screenshot of the email only and a screenshot of the full program with the email preview (this is especially useful for desktop clients). A few of the clients also have screenshots with content blocking on, so you can see what your recipients do if they have images turned off by default.

It looks like this template needs some alt text. I'm going to go take care of that. Happy testing.