Template Thumbnails and Mobile Preview Improvements

We recently rolled out some improvements for previewing templates in the Mandrill web interface. Now you can preview all of your templates at a glance, and there are no more pesky pop-ups!

Template Thumbnails

We added thumbnails of both the draft and published versions of a template to the main list view. Now, with just a glance you can see if you’ve published a template, if the draft is the same as the published version, or if your template has no content, for example. We added additional template details in that same view, so for each template you can see any labels you’ve added, the date and time a template was published, and when your draft was last saved.

Mobile and Desktop Previews

We improved template previews by pulling the old pop-up interface back inline and adding a mobile preview window alongside the desktop one. The new mobile preview gives you an idea of how your email will look on mobile devices. Once you’re ready to send, we also recommend running a screenshot test to see how your template renders on a wide range of mobile devices.